Carpathian Euroregion Cup 2018

On April 21-22, 2018 in Uzhgorod, city that is located almost in geographic center of Europe, the traditional dance sport competitions «Uzhgorod Open 2018» will take place.
Traditionally spring is the high time to visit the ancient Uzhgorod, because its streets are beautifully decorated with unique flourishing alleys of sakura trees (Japanese cherry-tree) and magnolia trees. The mixture of different European cultures, ancient architecture in the historical city center, the medieval castle, as well as the level of sport competitions – all these make Uzhgorod one of the loveliest cities for tourists and sportsmen.
Judges and couples from 23 countries of the world participated in the previous “Uzhgorod Open” competitions. 
Welcome to hospitable Uzhgorod!  Welcome to «Uzhgorod Open 2018»!